About Me:

I am currently doing a double Honours degree that builds upon my recently completed Bachelor of Creative Arts degree and a Bachelor of Arts degree, (in which I majored in visual arts and sociology). My area of focus is the current Australian punk scene, examining the subculture through visual and sociological lenses.

I am passionate about art – looking, learning, writing and creating. As well as working with a variety of sculptural, photographic, sound and filmic mediums, I experiment in the interdisciplinary spaces between. A sociological interest in systems of gender, class and ethnicity and the workings of deep-set yet contested and changing systems of power within Australia’s modern patriarchal, capitalist society broadly informs my practice.

About my Work: 

I enjoy creatively experimenting with sculptural, photographic and video mediums to create works that explore contemporary sociological concerns. I aim to disrupt, disturb and amuse. Playful and poetic with an attention to detail and the personal, my work often grapples with such feminist concerns as gender construction and the implicit discourses of power within domestic settings. Along with objects from the kitchen drawer or wardrobe, abject and organic materials such as hair – carrying a range of intimate and political meanings – weaves its way into my work. The body as a socially constructed site of personal and cultural convergence and its volatile and transgressive potential is often a central theme.

My photographic and video work is frequently of a documentary yet personal nature, driven by stories sometimes untold, overlooked or familiar and rendered strange.

Sculpturally my work often twists and tampers with the complex underlying meanings and ideologies of the visual culture of our suburban mise-en-scène. The kitchen, the bathroom and the everyday rituals and objects held within are approached with a perspective of otherness. I am also interested in the fragments of memory and emotion contained by objects.

About this blog:

I’ve created this space to talk about my artistic influences and inspirations, review interesting exhibitions I visit, post bits and pieces of my own work, and discuss some creative ideas I’ve been deliberating.

Questions and suggestions most welcome.

Contact Details:

e.  dt153@uowmail.edu.au


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